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Summer Wandering

When people ask me what I’m up to now my first answer is “I have no idea”. My second answer is “I’m living out of my car, driving around the country finding places to run.” Sounds romantic but my car is a ‘93 Honda Accord that has no AC and its hot as shit outside 😅.

I quit my job and moved out of my place in Nebraska with intention of moving basically anywhere West near some mountains - CO, CA, ID, MT, who knows. Now that I'm not going for the PCT FKT I've got all sorts of free time and all sorts of food - high calorie, dense foods that are really only good to eat while working your body hard. Guess I'll just to keep running then!

I’m currently in Elko, NV taking a zero, doing laundry and town chores, getting ready for my next move. P.S. this town is rad. The cowboy is king 'round here and there’s great coffee and great gluten free pizza to boot. What more do you need? Quite possibly could be the friendliest place I’ve ever been to, too.

Not sure yet whats next but my gut feeling is to head... uh... NORTH! 😄

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