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Peak Week - 200 miles

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

I'll be peaking my training this week - the goal is 200+ miles. I have never hit that mark before but I've worked hard to get to this point and I'm feeling strong.

So far, I ran 30 miles with an 18 lb pack on Monday, a marathon with a 15 lb pack on Tuesday, and today ran a 50k (31 miles) in less than 4 hours with only the essentials.

16 weeks ago when I created my training plan for the PCT FKT I thought I would have broken before this point - I wanted to find that spot. To my surprise I haven't yet, and I'm feeling better than I could've even fathomed.

Thanks in part to the countless hours I've spent researching and testing the latest theories in exercise science and nutrition, and then creating a few new theories of my own - I could write a freakin book on it now lol. (maybe I will? 🤔)

I cannot wait to toe the line at the Mexican border in just 2 short weeks!

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